Monday, November 7, 2011


Happy November! I love winter, the cold, and everything about it. I love christmas, it makes me want to go to fancy parties, wear sequins and be even nicer than I am usually ;)

One down side with winter is our bodies store more fat and our skin gets so dry. So I came up with some tips for skin aimed for teens/young adults.

- Do not over-dry acne because it'll just make it worse! Once you use a product too much your skin gets used to it and it stops working. Always moisturize while treating a pimple.

- Start drinking more water and take in less fat. Moisturized inside= moisturized skin. The fat part is just to help balance out the winter weight gain :)

- Drink tea, tea has so many beautiful vitamins and antioxidants that I can't say enough how much I recommend it.

So this past week I went shopping with a few girls for dresses! I love it, I would much rather go with girls to give my opinion than I would buy my own dress. Also, my mom made me a cape! I couldn't get a decent picture so i'll put that up later. But she handmade it for me, I love it! it's this checkered/plaidish red, blue and white patterned. Definitely not as American flag as it sounds, more Burberry or Chanel combined. Hope you have a very festive week :)

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