Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekly Outfits

This was from last Monday, It was rainging, comfy boots w/ my staple, tights.Tuesday, same kind of outfit, but with an oversized blazer, lacey tights, and a cute scarf, perfect for rainy weeks.

This is my Oktoberfst outfit! I'm in German and we had a local Oktoberfest at the library, things got pretty know, with our slap dances and all.

This was a girl syndey that goes to my school! I saw her outfit, the skirt is from a kid's section! adorable, and probably cheaper than getting that same skirt somewhere else in adult size.

I apologize for not having everyday! I'm still leaning into this and I forget or have un-inspired outfits sometimes. But I promise I'll do better just for this blog! Have a great day and week!

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