Monday, October 24, 2011

Chanel classics

Good Morning! Welcome to Monday. I’m at school right now.
In one of my literature classes we are currently writing speeches…yeah I hate speeches too.
At first she gave us this huge list of topics that I have absolutely no interest in. I thought about it and figured that I could just do the project and put no emotion into is. So I chose the formation of NATO. I totally had most of the project done and then I realized, “Why the frick am I doing something that I don’t even like or understand completely?” So I changed my topic to Coco Chanel. Bam, life is all good again. So this week I thought I’d post all about Ms. Chanel and her staples and beauty.
Say Chanel, and this bag pops into your mind:

I want one so bad…but as a 16 year old I cannot justify paying $2000 for a bag that I could probably buy as a knock off for 20 bucks.

Next, this picture totally inspires me to be simple, beautiful and comfortable. In my mind right now the hallelujah chorus is playing loudly.

So I think, "How can I take this look and make it school appropriate but still just as chic?" Well then I remember that I don't care if my looks are school appropriate because I'm usually the most over-dressed person in the room at school. Except when the football plays have a game that night and they wear ties. That’s pretty much it.

Finally, I will talk about perfume.

Perfume is my go to accessory everyday, I do not ever leave the house without wearing perfume. EVER. Although I do not like Chanel No. 5, that does not mean I cannot talk about it and post it as one of the most iconic and well known perfumes of all time.

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