Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas and New Years!

I just finished all my finals and it's already christmas doesn't even feel like christmas because we have absolutely no snow, a little disappointed by that. I'm always excited to give and receive presents and get inspired by new clothes and stuff. I'm also hosting a New Years Eve party..which I'm kind of nervous about.

I invited people but not a ridiculous amount. I'm frustrated with some people that keep asking me, "Hey, who all is going to be there? Who's coming? what are we doing?" CHILL OUT. I got this, and isn't my company enough? Can't I just invite you to have fun? I have like..5 guys going and these girls expect me to hook them up, uh no...this isn't a club. it's my house.
Ranting done now. As I sit in Panera Bread and write this I couldn't help but think out my new years resolutions. I don't know how anyone else feels about them but I think they're helpful if you take them seriously.

1. Hit my goal weight! (Which I will not mention on here)
2. Drink more water.
3. Eat more veggies
4. More parties (I'm a good kid, so nothing crazy.)
5. Workout harder.

That's all i've got now. I'm sure I will think of more. Anyway, I'm super stoked for this party once I get past all the crap that goes on beforehand. I also hope no one tries to mack on me at midnight...people will get slapped.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year <3
Lots of love!

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